Type of Test or Scholastic Talent TBS prospective students often tested against S2 (Strata 2) or S3 (Strata 3), and even tested on the test CPNS (Candidate for Civil Servants). Among high school students / MA type of exam is tested on SNMPTN landfill.
Eye Exam Test Scholastic Talent or TBS is in general a standard test to compare one individual with another individual objectively. A person who has a high enough potential, if he is given a test in a foreign language that he did not know, it's nearly impossible to do it.

Download Latihan Tes Bakat Skolastik Cpns

  • Download Exercise TBS Cpns Part I (contains 50 practice questions and discussion of quality), please download latihan soal here and solutions here!
  • Download Exercise TBS Cpns Part II (contains 50 practice questions and discussion of quality), please download latihan soal here and solutions here!

Generally TBS or Scholastic Talent Test is a test material that aims to measure:
Verbal Ability

Verbal subtest is the sub title of the verbal test synonyms, antonyms (opposite words), analogical, and reading test papers.
Quantitative ability

Quantitative subtest or test number. This subtest consists of a test series of numbers, serial letters, problem solving, simple arithmetic, simple algebra, trigonometry and simple.
Reasoning Ability

The third subtest is a test Logical / Analytical / Reasoning. This subtest consists of tests of verbal logic, simple logic, and logic test number.

Try not to indulge your curiosity on a particular matter. This is very dangerous. The curiosity of a particular problem (usually occurs in matters numerical or numbers) make time to work on the problems you drained it. Not to mention your energy is also reduced significantly. Plus emotions will also rise, if it is then you fail to find the answer. Remember that every item about TBS has the same weight value. So do not waste time just to indulge your curiosity is.

Practice questions Scholastic Talent Test as much as possible. And obey the time limits in the existing work on TBS. It is important to familiarize yourself working quickly resolve such questions. If you do not comply with these time limits, you'll get used to doing it with ease and in a long time. If this happens, then when you actually do the problem TBS, then you'll have trouble setting the time. Exercise TBS problems as much as possible will make you familiar with various types and models of matter. Your analysis in doing such questions will also increase along with the many exercises you do.


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